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From My Rags to His Riches

Tựa đề: From My Rags to His Riches
Sáng tác: Devin McGlamery

1. I sat beside the road of life and watched it pass me by
I begged for crumbs of charity but no one heard my cry
And when it seemed my destiny was that I would surely lose
The Savior came and offered me what I could not refuse

From my rags to His riches, He made an even trade
His beauty for my ashes, and I love the deal He made
Now I feel like a millionaire, all my cares He carried away
I went from rags to His riches on that day.

2. Where I had conflict in my life, now I am rich in peace
And though I lived in doubt and fear, I have reason to believe
Now I have wealth that goes beyond all the silver and the gold
And I can’t believe He gave to me a new life for my old.

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