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Nguyên tác: Adagio
Nhạc: Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1751)
Lời: Lara Fabian

Trình bày: Laura Bretan 


I don’t know where to find youI don’t know how to reach youI hear your voice in the windI feel you under my skinWithin my heart and my soulI wait for youAdagio
All of these nights without youAll of my dreams surround youI see and I touch your faceI fall into your embraceWhen the time is right I knowYou’ll be in my armsAdagio
I close my eyes and I find a wayNo need for me to prayI’ve walked so farI’ve fought so hardNothing more to explainI know all that remainsIs a piano that plays
If you know where to find meIf you know how to reach meBefore this light fades awayBefore I run out of faithBe the only man to sayThat you’ll hear my heartThat you’ll give your lifeForever 
Don’t let this light fade awayNo, no, no, no, no, no
Don’t let me run out of faithBe the only man to sayThat you believeMake me believeYou won’t let goAdagio

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